Monday, June 28, 2010

The Universe

The universe is trying to tell me something.

Yesterday I read From My Corner of Katy's post called Armchair Gardening. MCOK is reading The New Low Maintenance Garden by Valerie Easton. I thought, well that sounds interesting, but I really am too busy to read a book about low-maintenance gardening. I need to water, mulch, pull some weeds, get those new plants in the ground, fertilize, finish putting in that edging...

Then tonight as I am reading through May Dreams Gardens' post on The Five Secrets to Achieving Happiness In Your Garden, I get to the second secret, "size your garden for the resources you have". 

from May Dreams: "There are all kinds of books written on the subject of “low maintenance” gardens, which many gardeners refuse to look at because they say they enjoy all the maintenance they have to do in their garden. But don’t be too quick to judge! Spending an entire weekend on the maintenance of your garden may seem like heaven on earth, but if it is week after week after week, and you still have more to do, it may soon seem more like drudgery on earth. Books are full of ideas to reduce the time spent on the routine and not so routine garden maintenance tasks we all face. Incorporating these ideas into how you garden could mean you can have a larger garden overall."

 I have definitely been through times when the garden is no longer a relaxing place to be. Sometimes just thinking about all the things I have to do in the garden becomes more of a source of stress than a stress reliever. Right now I am going through a patch where the garden brings tranquility and happiness. It is my escape from my other extreme hobby, triathlon (don't be too impressed, I'm not an ironman or anything like that). So, readers, I see a new book in my future. Just to be prepared for the day that gardening starts to feel a little overwhelming.


  1. I know the feeling. There's so much I want and need to do in my garden (create new borders etc. etc.) but with the heat and humidity we have now, I'm just going to put everything on maintenance mode and the heavy work will have to wait.

  2. I know the feeling also. I'm not doing much right now with the heat and humidity we are having here in s.e. FL. I see weeds that need pulling, and some other stuff that needs doing, but right now I basically try to keep things watered, mowed and weed wacked. That's enough. Also, I've quit adding more beds, what I have to handle is almost more than enough. I am learning contentment.

    I'm glad I found your blog, came here from Fabric and Flowers. I think I'll visit May Dreams Gardens' blog next to read her post.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady