Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mercer Arboretum

Well, not much gardening was done this weekend. I participated in my 3rd Sprint Triathlon today so besides the plant sale yesterday morning, I have tried to stay off of my feet. I did get out this evening and give the plants their first dose of seaweed/molasses/fish emulsion for the year.

I thought I would post some of my pictures from the Mercer Summer plant sale. I usually only go there for March Mart, but it's always too frantic and crowded to take a look at their gardens.

First, there are the requisite wagons full of plants.

Near the location of the wagon pick-up is a large flower bed filled with white cleome and a very pretty dark purple flowering agapanthus.

Very cool birdhouse.

This is Echinacea 'fatal attraction', beautiful deep magenta color with white phlox.

A few more lovely plants:

 I love these wind spinners. The first time I saw them was on vacation a few years ago in Sedona, AZ. This is definitely on my to buy list.

 And as you're leaving the arboretum, they have an entire wall of these mallows.


  1. I love Mercer Arboretum. I didn't get a chance to get over there this weekend. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Congrats on finishing your Triathalon! I have a backyard garden that I have been working on for several years and thought that your site would help me through the ups & downs of Houston flower gardening. Your pics are so pretty & I will definetly check back for future help. Thanks

  3. Thanks Trish. I hope some of my posts will give you some good ideas.