Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Birthday Present

5 years ago on a monumental birthday, my husband gave me a fountain. This year, in another part of the yard, we had a gazebo built. And it NEEDED a fountain as well. So, for my birthday this year, I got another fountain. My birthday was in May, but it took me awhile to pick the fountain I wanted. We bought it last week at Buchanan's and hubby aka he who never ventures outdoors for the purpose of manual labor, installed it yesterday.
I need to get some more mulch and probably some more rocks to finish covering the reservoir. The garden around the gazebo is going to be my purple and white garden, so far I've planted Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, black and blue salvia, white balloon flower, heliotrope, iochroma, tuberose 'Double Pearl', white turks cap, clerodendrum minahassae, Sweet Olive, Two Winger Silverbell, virginia spiderwort, and Maid of Orleans jasmine. I can't wait until it all starts to fill in.


  1. Love the fountain! And you have chosen some wonderful plants to go around your gazebo. Can't wait to see them grow.