Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers Bloom day snuck up on me as usual. The list of bloomers is long this month. We've had just enough rain to keep everything going and still have a low water bill. 

First up is a new one. This is a coreopsis aka tickseed that I bought at the Mercer Plant Sale this Spring. It burst into bloom a few days ago. It is supposed to be an annual, but we'll see. It will depend on how cold it gets this winter.
I really like the look of the Mexican petunia and it is a reliable bloomer, but I hate how it spreads...we have a love-hate relationship.
These were in a previous post, but I couldn't resist putting another picture of them on the blog. Not sure why, but I really enjoy these daylilies, they were one of the first plants I received at the first plant swap I attended in Houston.
The diamond frost euphorbias are looking nice, although their flowers are so fine, it was tough to get a good picture of them.
New cuphea called Totally Tempted is doing well in the ground. It has been there for about a month.
Then there's good 'ol batface. So far, all the cupheas I've planted are doing well. They are great bloomers and don't seem to mind the Houston weather.
My Clerodendrum bungei is from a plant swap. Not sure how much my neighbor appreciates it though, she has some too, although not by choice.

 The crepe myrtles are in bloom all over town. My three are blooming wonderfully.

Under the crepe myrtle, indigofera is blooming on the right and pink surprise bush on the left. They almost blend together in the picture below.
The duranta is on the comeback. After the winter freezes we had, this once 10 foot tall plant was just a few short sticks.

Another swap meet plant, crocosmia is just starting to bloom. It will probably be covered in blooms by tomorrow.
And today's final picture, purple coneflower. I believe this one is double decker, although it's not quite like other pictures I've seen of it.
Other plants blooming today, but not pictured are: chenille plant, pentas, most of the salvias in the yard, all of the cupheas I have, shrimp plant, ice plant, yarrow, many of the daylilies, knockout roses, angelonia, butterfly weed, jasmine 'Maid of Orleans', orange cestrum, cannas, & american beautyberry.

Thanks for stopping by to see what is blooming in my garden today! Visit May Dreams Gardens blog for more Garden Blogger Bloom Day postings.


  1. Hey, HGG! Your garden is lovely in June. That bat face is precious! I think your coreopsis looks so similar to a coneflower bloom...I really like it!

  2. The coreopsis and coneflower are such pretty colors. Love the clerodendrum too.

  3. I love the batface too. I saw that for the first time at the Houston Grows meetup last month.