Friday, June 25, 2010

Relaxin in the Gazebo

I am loving the gazebo! I was finally able to come home from a long day at the office and kick back and enjoy the gazebo on Tuesday night. The gazebo was built in March and we had the ceiling fan installed in April. But once it got hot, the fan just wasn’t generating enough of a breeze to be able to sit in it without the oppressive heat weighing you down.

Monday our electrician came over and put a longer downrod up.  It was strange because when he first turned it on, it still didn’t seem to be generating much wind. Then he reversed the direction. Wow, what a difference that made and I sure felt stupid.  Probably could have done that several months ago. I still think the downrod is a big help though.

Since it’s screened in, I have a new way of inspecting the garden without putting mosquito repellent on.  Next thing on the list is to turn it into a water collecting machine. I have plans for gutters and rain barrels. This gazebo is definitely working out nicely.

And yes, that is a dog door.


  1. What an adorable gazebo, it looks so relaxing. I bet you're loving that fan. We have ceiling fans on our patio. They work pretty well but I wonder if they'd be even better if we reversed them (and I wonder if my hubby could figure out how to do that?)

  2. Jayne, our fan has a switch above the base of the light that reverses the blades. I don't know if it's that easy on all fans or not.