Sunday, October 23, 2011

September Hummingbirds

Here are a few of the pictures of hummingbirds that I took last month in my backyard. I think they have all headed south now, I haven’t seen any for at least a week.





Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I am astounded by the blooms in my garden this month. After the hottest and driest summer in history, all it took was about 3” of rain last week and some cool weather for most of my plants to make a rebound.

Podranea ricasoliana, Pink Trumpet Vine
Hardy Blue Aster
A trade from my native plant gardener/neighbor. Thanks Noreen!
Zinnia 'Profusion Doublefire'
Blackfoot Daisy (Another one from Noreen!) and Salvia coccinea
Turnera alternifolia
Reseeds every year!
Gregg's Mistflower
The butterflies love this one!
Cassia Alata
Another reseeder. This year I transplanted the
seedlings to several different beds.
I need to locate the tag from this one. I picked it up at Buchanan’s in the spring.
Anyone know what it is?

Other plants in bloom this month are: Diamond Frost euphorbia, purple porterweed, pentas, duranta, lipstick salvia, Calliandra emarginata, chenille plant, batface cuphea, shrimp plant, black & blue salvia, bottlebrush tree, fall obedient plant, gaura, mexican bush sage, yellow cestrum, knockout roses, salvia vanhoutii, vinca, Orthosiphon laevigatum (Pink Surprise bush), butterfly weed, plumbago, Pavonia peruviana, Pavonia lasiopetala (Texas Rock Rose), Hamelia patens (Hummingbird bush), Convolvulus ‘Blue Daze’, Melochia tomentosa (Pyramid Bush).

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Macro Monday

Monarch butterfly

I’m so happy to see the butterflies coming through town. This has been such as harsh year for them and for us gardeners. This monarch is feasting on Gregg’s Mistflower, you can even see pollen all over its wings.

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