Indoor Buys

 Here are my recommendations for both local and online purchases. 

Indoor Gardening Supplies:

Awesome Indoor Gardening Stuff I've Bought from Amazon (these are my affiliate links)

**I was buying a smaller package for $10, but then I found this bargain!


**Love these plant tags! 

**I'm starting to find interesting ways to hang my pots around the house. 

I love cute pots!

My other favorite thing is turning mugs, tea cups, and other objects I find into pots. 

These are awesome for starting cuttings. 

Local Shops

Southwest Fertilizer (Bissonnet near Chimney Rock) is my go to place for planting medium, fertilizers, pesticides, and nursery pots of varying sizes. They have great prices and very knowledgeable staff. Great for both indoor and outdoor gardening. 

Another Place in Time (Heights) is one of my favorite local nurseries. They've always had a good selection of indoor plants. 

The Flora Culture is a new store that opened just before the indoor gardening craze of 2020 started. They have a beautiful little shop near Chimney Rock and Richmond.