Monday, August 15, 2011

August Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

As I started writing this post I thought I would look back to see what was happening on August 2010’s Bloom Day. Some of the same plants are blooming this year as were blooming last year at this time. However, at this time last year we were just starting to experience the unbearable heat. This year, temperatures in the 100s started in June, rainfall is at an all-time low, and my water bills are at an all-time high.

Most of Galveston County, just south of Houston, is under Stage 3 water restrictions. That means no outdoor watering. The City of Houston is still under voluntary water restrictions, but I fear rationing is in our future. The official rainfall at my garden is about 2 1/2” for this year. It’s tough on our plants considering we live in a sub-tropical environment that is accustomed to receiving 54” of annual rainfall.

But, enough bad news, let’s see what’s blooming this hot, dry day.

Calliandra emarginata
Firecracker plant and more pentas
Cassia alata aka Candlestick
Rose of Sharon
Turnera alternifolia
Whitfieldia elongata

Other plants blooming are: Gregg’s mist flower, pyramid bush, vinca, duranta, crepe mrytles, knockouts, bottlebrush tree, pride of barbados, crocosmia, variegated gaura, Texas rock rose, hamelia patens, white turk’s cap, peruvian pavonia, and rudbeckia.

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  1. We seem to grow many of the same plants, and experience the same dry conditions. Having had experience with quite a few drought years, I know just how tough it can be. Despite the dry, you still have some great blooms to show today. I'm wishing the heavens will open for you and loads of that liquid sunshine will fall on your garden.

  2. I lovethe Calliandra emarginata! Its gorgeous.
    I hope it rains for you soon.
    Happy GBBD :)

  3. You're looking good in August. I'm afraid my Bloom Day post - when I get around to doing it - is going to be very sparse this month, but you still have some good blooms going.

  4. The calliandra is so beautiful...adds another dimension to your garden...lovely! Happy GBBD!