Monday, August 8, 2011

Succulents of Seattle

I don’t grow many succulents, nor do I know the names of them when I see them. I have a few hens and chicks left that my Grandma gave me almost 10 years ago, but they haven’t thrived as much as a couple of others varieties I have.

Here in Houston, I would not recommend planting them in the ground. Despite the fact that we are in a severe drought, it will rain again one day. I have a feeling that after one of our legendary downpours that our ground stays too wet for most succulents. Mine are all in pots with well-draining soil and almost never get hand-watered. So, for those of you who can’t keep a plant alive to save your life, maybe succulents are for you.

I was surprised to see how many people are growing succulents in Seattle, I envisioned it being too wet of a place for them. However, they seemed to be doing very well both in the ground and in containers. Here are some of my favorites.

Dragonfly Farms

This looks like a re-purposed birdbath to me, The soil is hilled, most likely to help with drainage.

photo taken at Dragonfly Farms

Dragonfly Farms

A wheelbarrow full o’succulents at Dragonfly Farms




Dragonfly Farms
I love the color combo of this one. I think this is sedum.
photo taken at Dragonfly Farms

Dragonfly Farms

Here, bottles and sempervivum (at least that’s what I think it is, remember I am no expert) are used as edging. Now, this just might provide enough drainage to work well in Houston.

Dragonfly Farms
Another wheel barrow o’succulents at Dragonfly Farms

Here are a few more great container ideas for succulents.
Suzette & Jim Birrell
Suzette & Jim Birrell's Garden
Denise Lane    Denise Lane
The above two photos are from Denise Lane’s garden.

Lorene Edwards Forkner
Lorene Edward Forkner's Garden
I hope these pictures give you some good ideas about what you can do with succulents in your own garden.


  1. Like you, I was surprised to see so many succulents in such a rainy climate. I love that they can grow them in full sun, thanks to their balmier summers. So many great ideas here.

  2. HGG: Have you had much luck growing the succulents here in Houston (I live on the SE side)? I love the Semps and Echies, but cannot keep them alive - by July, they are so pathetic looking (the ones still alive), I have to put them out of their misery. I can grow a few other types of succulents, but those gorgeous Semps and Echies seem to be out of the question.

    One of my favorite garden books is The Jewel Box Garden by Thomas Hobbs, Vancouver. Evidently, the summers there are superb for growing those succulents.

  3. LaraLeaf,
    I have successfully grown many succulents here in Houston, but always in pots. Most of them can handle part sun, but some of them perish in full sun. Maybe I'll write a post on the succulents I'm growing. Most of them have survived around 5 years so far.