Sunday, August 15, 2010

August Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I have finally succumbed to the heat, but thankfully the plants have not. This morning as I toured the garden, I was pleasantly surprised by how many plants are still flowering.
The torenia are doing surprisingly well in this very dry flower bed.

The plumbago is still working on its comeback from the winter.


Magnolia 'Little Gem'
I’m surprised to see this magnolia blooming right now. I put some cottonseed meal on it a couple of weeks ago. Could that be why?

Chenille plant with shrimp plant in the background

Variegated Gaura
Angelonia and Rose of Sharon

Banana Tree

Texas Rock Rose and sedum
Turnera alternifolia
Obedient Plant & Crepe Myrtle in the background
I started this crepe myrtle from a cutting (or rather a piece I ripped from a tree I saw in front of some fancy new condos) a couple of years ago. It was trampled when the new fence was put in and again when the gazebo was built. Luckily it’s hard to kill a crepe myrtle.

Okra-Clemson Spineless

This duranta was about 10 feet tall last year, but it froze to the ground over the winter. Now, it’s about 4 feet tall and covered with blossoms and bees.

Other plants blooming right now include bottlebrush, Blue Daze convolvulus, calibrachoa, firecracker plant, several cupheas including Batface, indigofera kirilowii, rudbeckia, knock-outs, cannas, eggplant, & peppers.

As I finish up this month's Bloom Day, my computer is telling me it is 100 degrees outside and 43% humidity. This is the first weekend all year, it was just too hot to stay in the garden. I retreated indoors around noon both days after spending most of the morning watering. And so, the garden moves into survival mode, this is when we find out who is tough enough to survive a Houston summer.

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  1. You have some really lovely blossoms this month. I love the blooms of okra. It's almost worth growing the plant for that instead of the pods.

  2. You grow so many plants that are familiar to me ... similar climates I suppose. However, I noticed that even with the temp reaching 100F your humidity level only got to 43%. That's where the big difference lies between our two area's summer conditions!!

    Anyway, back to your lovely blooms. Don't you love the way Angelonia, Torenias, Duranta, Turnea and the Chenille Plant stand up the the fierce heat and sun!! They are staples in my garden here ... although hubbie hates the Chenillie plant and keeps ripping it out!!

    Crepe myrtles are indeed hard to kill ... I'm sure yours will flourish. Thanks so much, I enjoyed all your great photos.

  3. So glad to see your plumeria's blooming (still waiting for mine this year...). And your obedient and chenille plants look fantastic! I also like the rock rose/sedum combo. And thanks for the visit!