Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sheds of Seattle

IMG_3216I have shed envy. I was very impressed with the sheds of the Seattle gardeners. I almost hate to call them sheds, that hardly seems to do them justice.  Every gardener needs a place to start seeds, transplant seedlings, hang shovels, rakes, and hoes, a place to dry herbs and garlic. All of my tools are along the walls of our garage, squeezed into any available space. It’s just not right. Woe is me, I need a shed.


The Birrell’s bright blue shed is a focal point of their backyard. The bright colors cheer up any day. To call this structure a shed is an understatement. Just look at the space they have inside to work on projects! Another benefit of a garden building is the rainwater harvesting potential.

IMG_3315Shelagh Tucker has a roomy greenhouse with cold frames along one edge to get her and her plants through the Seattle winters.






IMG_3507The Eppings’ shed looks like a cute little cottage. It is tucked into the back corner of their garden and blends in with their landscape quite nicely while serving as a great area for some of their container plantings.


Kate Farley’s garden workshop is a large room at the back of her garage. You actually don’t even notice it behind all of her plants. I just love that wood burning stove.


IMG_3759Even if you don’t have the space for a room-sized shed, you can have a cute little area for all your garden stuff. Check out Lorene Edwards Forkner’s play area on the side of her house.


Again, thanks for following along with my theme oriented posts of the 2011 Seattle Garden Bloggers Fling. Stay tuned for more.


  1. Out of the 30 garden blogs I follow (yours being one of them) many had seattle fling posts...however, this is my favorite one of all. Beautiful flowers, design...this is the staple of alot of blogs,, which I enjoy very much... all of which I have myself, but these sheds!! Oh the inspiration! SO much of what I see when people go visit other areas, I can never have since I try to keep watering to a minumum and sadly, I have full sun everywhere you turn...but a shed...Today the inspiration is somthing I an actually attain. Thanks for the great pictures of what is behind the wizards curtain! -- Alma Delia

  2. Alma, that is the greatest complement anyone has ever left for me! You made my day! I'm glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading my blog!