Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Open Days Garden Tour-Del Monte Drive


The house on Del Monte Drive is only two years old, although the oak trees don’t lead you to that conclusion.

The old house was torn down, but the oak trees were preserved.

We entered the gardens on Del Monte Drive through a side yard. The fence was built to accommodate the gentle giants.






The Nun’s Orchids were in full bloom.IMG_2119

So was the Chinese Fringe Tree.IMG_2120


The container plantings are artfully arranged.IMG_2122


Here’s a view of the side yard from the street. IMG_2129

And a close-up. The garden includes azaleas, viburnum, and camellias and the path is lined with monkey grass and shade tolerant annuals.IMG_2127

This is a nice look for a garden under oak trees. I’m always on the look-out for ideas for my front yard landscape which includes three live oaks and is due for a make-over.

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  1. Very nice garden. Love that walkway through the monkey grass. Gorgeous with the azaleas in bloom.

  2. We are still talking about the fact that this lush garden was only put in two years ago. It is lovely. And we liked the accomodations made by the fence to the old trees.