Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I’m a little late for bloom day, but better late than never. We are full on into spring here in Houston and some days even feel a little bit like summer (yikes!).

amaryllisI bought this amaryllis around January of last year on the clearance table at Walmart. It’s still in its original little pot.

snap dragonsThese snapdragons were planted last fall, and are now blooming up a storm.

ground orchidThis ground orchid still needs to find its place in the yard, but for now it’s blooming in its pot just fine.

scilla peruvianaI bought this scilla peruviana at last years Bulb & Plant Mart. Aren’t they exotic looking?

Other plants blooming are ice plant, yellow cestrum, salvia greggii ‘lipstick’, & knock-out roses.

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  1. Love your amaryllis! Every time I see one I'm convinced I need to try forcing a bulb next year. I have a scilla new to me this year. It is exotic looking. The blooms are so interesting.

  2. BEAUtiful flowers! Especially love your orchid!

  3. The scilla peruviana sure do like exotic. I never heard of them or haven't seen any. How big do they grow and what would be a good place to plant them, shade, partly shade or do they even take the hot sun here in Houston?
    Your amaryllis looks just gorgeous. Mine are in the ground and just coming up strong and I guess in a couple weeks they will be blooming too.
    Thanks for posting those great pictures, Garden Girl.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Paula Jo

  4. Hey PJ,
    This is my first experience with the scilla, so I'm not sure how it will do here. I have it planted in part sun and it is about 8-12" tall.