Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home Again

I finally made it back to Houston on Thursday, it’s good to be home. After the bloggers meet-up in Buffalo, conference in San Diego, then work in Long Beach & Bakersfield, it sure is nice to sleep in my own bed and be greeted by the boys (Scout & Rusty-the furry children) when I come home at night. Thanks to my mother-in-law and the 3” of rain, most of the plants survived unscathed. For the period that hubby was in charge of watering…well let’s not talk about that.

On Friday, hubby and I went to check out the corpseflower named Lois at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Her bloom peaked early Friday, we didn’t see her until Friday afternoon. Can you believe we bought our tickets around 10:30, but we were told our place in line was for 4:15!? It was like a mad house at the museum, everyone had to get a look at Lois (webcam link). I thought her bloom was going to open more, but they say she is vase shape, not saucer shape, so this is as open as she will get.

I was surprised hubby wanted to come with me, plants are not his thing, but this one has a smell. An atrocious dead thing kinda smell. And that’s why he wanted to see it. It turns out that the smell wasn’t really that bad.  I guess the stank peaked earlier in the day so he missed out on the disgusting.

Saturday morning was my first day of training for the January half-marathon in Houston. Should be interesting, the 2 mile run was fine, but I can hardly imagine running 13.1 miles. After the run and since I was already sweaty, I did a few garden chores. The espaliered apple finally has some wire to grow along, it was starting to move skyward which can’t be good for an espalier. When I was in San Diego, I stopped by Bonnie’s (Vintage Garden Gal) amazing place and she had a cool looking espaliered fig tree. I might have to try that with my little one that’s still in a pot. I also relaxed in the gazebo and thumbed through the Garden Walk Buffalo book I received at Buffa10. Although, we can’t grow all the same plants they grow in their Zone 5 gardens, the book is inspirational – beautiful gardens, interesting architecture, and wonderful gardeners are featured. We should all be so lucky to have a Garden Walk in our town.

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