Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Erie Basin Marina Trial Gardens in Buffalo

Hello again readers! Sorry I have been away. After Buffalo, I traveled directly to California on business and there just hasn't been any time to get caught up on my posts. So now, let’s return to Buffalo.

Our Saturday gardening soiree began with the trial gardens at Erie Basin Marina. We were greeted by a member of the horticultural staff. She passed out 4 small flags per person; they wanted us each to pick our 4 favorite plants and mark them with a flag. The results of this informal study will be used to communicate the public’s favorites back to the growers.
We were in heaven, you know us gardeners always love to check out the newest cultivars and the fact that they wanted our opinion was icing on the cake. So here is my Top 4 list:

Number Four: Leucanthemum Sante

Number Three: Achillea red velvet 
The flowers are actually a deep red, this picture does not do it justice. Check out this link for a more realistic look of the color.

 Number Two: Dahlia ‘Mystic illusion’

And my Number One Flower at the Erie Basin Marina Trial Gardens is...



Delphinium ‘Diamonds Blue’

I wonder how all of these would look in Houston as opposed to Buffalo? I think I'll try a trial garden of my own next year with these top 4 picks.

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  1. I'm still trying to decide which of those trial plants I could put in my garden next year. I keep going through my photos, but fortunately I have time before I make a decision!