Monday, July 26, 2010

Final day of Buffa10

The final day was rushed for me. I checked out of my hotel that morning and took a taxi to Lancaster Ave to tour the gardens, then jetted off to the airport for the cross country trip to San Diego. Jim was hosting lunch at his house that day, but I only had time to say goodbye to the folks that arrived early to lunch and thank our hosts.

The houses of Lancaster Ave. were more of the same…and I mean that in a good way.
IMG_1082The birdhouses came first, then the tree and the window. The homeowner said she started with a couple of birdhouses then all of sudden everyone was giving her birdhouses. I know how she feels, I went through a rooster phase
(I shutter at the thought).

IMG_1098Mary’s Garden is one of the larger gardens we visited and has a very touching story to go along with it. Mary was terminally ill and wanted to have a garden next door. Mary & James happened to own the house next door so they tore it down to make way for the garden. She gardened there for a year before passing away. 

James is now married to Annabelle. I really admire her choice of plants, she is growing some of the same plants that we grow in Houston. It is definitely a labor of love in the winter when all of those plants have to be brought indoors. The Mexican Flame vine pictured to the left is amazing, think I’ll get one of those for my garden.

A few more pictures from Lancaster Ave.
IMG_1101 IMG_1105 IMG_1110

Here’s a glimpse of the interesting architecture of many of the houses we saw while in Buffalo.
IMG_1112 IMG_1113

Our final stop was at Jim Charlier’s house for lunch. Notice the for sale sign?
IMG_1114 Jim Charlier's Garden IMG_1118

A huge thanks once again for all the work that went into pulling off such a great event. Until next year, my fellow garden bloggers. It was a pleasure meeting all of you.

Today was the last day of Garden Walk Buffalo 2010. Maybe next year you will be one of the attendees.


  1. I've read about Buffalo in quite a few blogs. It would be great if I could go next year. It looks like you enjoyed it :-)

    By the way, I got notices on my Blogger dashboard today that you had some new posts, but when I clicked they didn't exist.

    Problems with Blogger?

  2. Hey Jayne,
    Yeah, Buffalo was great. I think Seattle is next year's location.

    I changed the URL for my blog and setup another one to redirect people from the old one to the new one, so that may have caused the problem. I've also noticed some issues between browsers and operating systems on my blog and others that who have the new template designer.