Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where in the world is Houston Garden Girl?

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past 3 weeks or so. I have been out of the country. Actually, I am at an airport right now waiting on my connecting flight to get back to Houston. My poor hubby has been left with the watering duties while I've been gone during some of the hottest days Houston has ever seen in June.

So, can you guess where I've been?

A hedge of pride of barbados

Date Trees everywhere


Oleander and Bougainvillea

There's a beach

And some interesting flowering trees that I've never seen before...

Hmm... where could I be?


  1. Hey Garden Girl,
    Nice question. Since my other obsession is geography, I'll take your challenge, but probably be wrong.
    I'd guess Egypt due to the very dry mountains in the seems to lush.
    I'd guess Morocco...but I'm not certain.
    I think it is somewhere in the Middle East judging from what the people are wearing on the beach.
    One last guess...Lebanon? Or Turkey? I give up.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)

  2. Now I'll be done! Our Houston Garden Girl went overseas.
    It's really hard to tell in what country exactly you have been but after me showing the pictures to my hubby, who used to travel a lot in his younger years, he said it looks like some place in North Africa.

    Anyway Girl, I'm anxiously looking forward your next post and you to tell us more about your trip.
    Welcome Back Home to Houston
    Paula Jo

  3. Jean, Barbados sounds nice, but nope.

    David and Paula Jo, you are close.

    I was in Oman. It has taken a few days for me to recover from the trip, but I am working on the next blog post with a few more pictures.

    Thanks for the guesses!