Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Wow, it is hot.

And it is dry.

My garden has had 1” of rain in 2011…not normal for Houston, a city with an annual average of 54” of rain. During the first 6 days of June, we broke our high temperature record four times and reached the highest temperature ever recorded in June: 105°.

I was out of town for about 3 weeks. My non-gardening husband was put in charge of the watering. Against all odds, he managed to keep everything alive while I was gone.

So, let’s take a look at what’s blooming.

Abutilon 'Bella Red'
lamb's ear
I think these are what some people refer to as ditch lilies.
Not a very pretty name for such a nice flower.
a lone coneflower (white swan)
purple porterweed
peruvian pavonia
white turk's cap
‘Dark and Handsome’ daylily-again this month

Other flowers blooming are desert rose, Dancing Lady Ginger ‘Pristina Pink’, plumeria, Meiwa Seedless kumquat, pentas, firecracker plant Russelia equisetiformis, bottlebrush, chenille plant, lipstick & hotlips salvias, white yarrow, Texas rock rose, gomphrena, Miss Lingard phlox, and batface cuphea.

Thanks for stopping by for bloom day. Visit May Dreams Gardens for more bloom days from around the world.


  1. Beautiful...especially love that pavonia!

  2. Wow...I do NOT envy your weather! At least your plants are still going strong...that last daylily is stunning!

  3. Beautiful pictures and plants...good job non-gardening hubby!

    I've lost a good number of plants due to the dry and hot weather, even the hardy varieties. We gotta get some rain!

  4. Kudos to your husband! A job well done...

  5. Well done, non-gardening husband! He's given you quite a few June blooms. The double hemerocallis you have is too nice to count as a "ditch lily" -- those are the singles, and they're much more aggressive. Aggressive enough to take over a farmer's entire roadside ditch, which is often where they thrived best. Happy Blooms Day, Monica!

  6. Hi,

    Beautiful blooms!

    I can't believe you've had so little rain... We've had very little so far this year too, although I think we've had more than an inch! :D

  7. I think we are getting all the rain. I'm glad you are safely back from distant travels.

  8. I'm glad your husband was able to keep your plants alive with all that heat. I enjoyed seeing your blooms. You grow some of the same plants as Nell Jean, from Secrets of a Seed Scatterer. You and I have lamb's ears, daylilies, and coneflowers in common. Thanks for your nice comment on my GBBD post.

  9. @Gale I got the pavonia at last year's Bulb & Plant Mart, I had read about it on either Digging or My Corner of Katy

    @Scottweberpdx Thanks, those daylilies come about one week a year, then they are gone. They were a lucky gift at a plant swap

    @thedoglikecynic we finally got some rain yesterday and today, hope you get some soon too.

    @dangergarden He didn't appreciate me saying "against all odds", but I told him to look at all the great comments y'all have been giving him!

    @Helen Thanks Helen, I suppose this one is not a ditch lily. It spreads very slowly. Hope to see you at the Fling this year.

    @Liz Add another 1 1/2" to the total!

    @Commonweader It's nice to be back. See you in Seattle!

    @Corner Gardener Sue I'll have to check out Secrets of a Seed Scatterer