Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday Gardening

IMG_1476So, you’re taking a vacation day on Thursday? Don’t most people take a Friday or Monday off? Yeah, yeah, but most people are not fanatical about plant sales.

Thursday was the first day of the Houston Garden Club’s annual Bulb & Plant Mart. This is one of the biggest plant sales of the year! I arrived about 30 minutes after they opened and it was a mad house. There were gardeners and wagons everywhere.


This year I pre-ordered my bulbs. They were already bagged and paid for when I arrived-roman hyacinth, scilla peruviana, anemones, freesia, and crinum americanum.  The crinum americanum is already in it’s new home in the rain garden along with a couple iris japonica and freesia laxa that I picked up inside the bulb house.

My wagon filled up quickly with various perennials destined for unknown locations around my yard. As I was scoping out the plants, Cindy from MKOK appeared. Wow, we haven’t seen each other since Buffa10! We chatted quickly then we were back to the hunt.

I noticed the checkout line growing longer as I circled the tree section of the sale. I thought if I just made a few more passes around all the booths the line would get shorter. Well, the line actually doubled while I was killing time. An hour or so later, I was wheeling my little red wagon full of plants towards my car. Luckily, the time passed quickly, I was in line behind Diana Liga one of the Permaculture instructors for Urban Harvest, aspiring market gardener, & chicken wrangler. We are both vegetarian gardeners with software developer husbands, what are the odds!?

The sale continues through Saturday. Check their website for the schedule and catalog of plants.


  1. You are much more efficient than I am. I had planned to do the pre-order this year but let the time get away from me and didn't. I'll definitely try to do that next year.

  2. I love your Ageratum...I'm glad you kept them around! I also really adore the Salvia and Gomphrena combination...just lovely!