Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day to all!

It has finally cooled off in Houston although we haven’t had rain for about a month. Once the first cool front hit I thought to myself, finally I’m done with the watering chores. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Us humans are loving the cool, dry weather, but the plants are suffering without the rain.

Despite the dry weather, and probably because of the cool weather, there are still many plants blooming in the garden. Let’s see which ones…

Desert Rock Rose

Blue Queen Saliva & Gomphrena
I'm actually leaning towards this being Indigo Spires Salvia instead of Blue Queen. Does anyone have an expert opinion?

I almost thinned all of the blue mist flower out earlier this year. It was just taking up space and had only a couple of disappointing blooms. Luckily, I was busy with other things so it remained in the garden. Over the last 3 or 4 weeks it has exploded in blooms. So happy I kept it.

Candlestick Plant (cassia alata)
I love the candlestick plant. I had one last year near the compost pile, but it didn't survive the winter. These two came up in the vegetable garden, they were a gift from the compost that I spread there in the spring.

Pink Trumpet Vine (podranea ricasoliana)

Iochroma cyaneum

Pink Surprise Bush

Salvia vanhouttei

The salvia vanhouttei has unique maroon blooms, I bought this one at one of the local plant sales last year.

Other plants blooming are: torenia, penta, hot lips salvia, mexican bush sage, gaura, chenille plant, batface cuphea, salvia coccinea, white turks cap, duranta erecta, yellow cestrum, knock-out roses, scented jasmine, angelonia, purple porterweed, & hamelia.

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  1. It is a gift to see those plants which I cannot grow or have not grown via your garden blog. Love the salvias and they are still blooming here although too ragged to show.

  2. Love your blooms - so many things I can't grow here. My mistflower, which I usually love, bloomed early and quickly this year - in between bloom days. I normally count on it being showier for longer. It will stay, but get a stern talking-to next year.

  3. Lookin' Good! That pink trumpet vine is fantastic. Indeed, the weather been terrific here, but
    I'm ready for some R-A-I-N! Happy GBBD from David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  4. So many of these are unfamiliar to me.
    I now feel quite a wimp for being fed up with watering containers in our rainy climate!

  5. Your garden is lovely! I have the "pink trumpet vine" as well, folks tend to call it Desert Willow Vine around here because it has the same blooms. I lost my candlestick tree this year as well, and my compost wasn't quite as giving!