Saturday, August 28, 2010

Monthly Garden Bouquet-August

IMG_1321 I saw this meme on Tropical Texana, it is hosted by Ramblings from a Desert Garden. I love to have cut flowers in the house, but I always have the feeling that the flowers in the garden should stay there for me to enjoy while I’m in the garden.

But, no longer! It’s fun to walk around the garden to find what you have that will create a nice bouquet.

In my first bouquet, there is duranta (small purple flowers), a pass-along pinecone ginger, persian shield (purple leaves) and two different elephant ears (in the background).

I started the bouquet off with the pinecone ginger because it is in a far away garden in my yard and would not be enjoyed much from there, then I walked around adding things to the vase that were looking nice that day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love your bouquet! I am somewhat familiar with Duranta and their pretty purple flowers. The pinecone ginger looks fantastic as the centerpiece.

    Thank you so much for participating :-)