Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Well, I am a day late again. This is not unusual. I am late for practically everything I do. Everyone has a name for it, depending on where your family is from, my Mom's family calls it running on Indian time (Native American that is). Well, on to the flowers.

My fence of flowers is doing well, here are a few of the hanging pots with blooms.

Then there's the Iochroma cyanea, still in a pot, but it is destined for the new garden around the gazebo.

The lilies are lookin' good.

So, is this hanging basket I picked up at the grocery store. It requires a lot of water, but it sure is pretty.

A new addition to the garden is doing quite nicely, it is a variegated primrose.

 Right next to it is this cuphea.

The butterfly garden is full of color. The Texas Rock Rose, yarrow, butterfly weed, Hot Lips salvia, and Blue Queen salvia are still blooming from last month. This month, the Black Knight Butterfly Bush is getting started.

And a volunteer gomphrena.

And, an extra special treat...a swallowtail butterfly on the butterfly weed.

If it wasn't for GBBD, I would have completely missed my gardenia blooming.

Then there's the canna that has migrated under the fence from the neighbors house. I don't mind, it picked a nice place to live.

Other plants still blooming from last month are ice plant, knockout roses, yellow cestrum, & variegated gaura. Thanks May Dreams Garden.
Happy Gardening Everyone!


  1. Enjoyed looking at your blog! We share a lot of the same plants. We live in Austin.
    I love the color of your butterfly bush...very pretty. Also, I wish my neighbor would send over a pretty flower. I just get St. Augustine.

  2. Thanks for taking a look, glad you enjoyed it. I understand about the St. Augustine, the other popular plant several of my neighbors "share" is Asian jasmine.