Monday, May 17, 2010

3 in 1 Peach finally in the ground

Sunday was a beautiful day in Houston. The Saturday rains refreshed the garden and dropped the temps a few degrees. I decided that the number one priority for the day was to get the 3-in-1 Peach I bought in February at the Harris County Precinct 2 Master Gardeners Fruit and Veggie Sale into the ground. We had an old pecan tree removed last month to make way for more fruit trees. The three peaches are Florida Prince, Mid-Pride, and Desert Gold. I have determined that my backyard qualifies as a wetland. We have a volunteer water oak that is thriving and palmettos that I did not plant nor do I care for, but they do just fine. As a result of the wetland, I raise my fruit trees up about 6 inches.

The edge of the old pecan is in the foreground of the picture. In the background you can see what's left of my attempts to protect my mango tree from the Houston freezes.  The structure continued to protect the mango while the pecan was being cut down. A limb fell on it and really bent it out of shape, but the mango is fine. Yay!

I purchased the peach tree bareroot, but I've had it in this pot since February. This was not an easy hole to dig, I had to cut through a lot of pecan roots. I've heard that pecan roots emit a toxic substance in an attempt to keep other plants away. Hopefully, the peach tree will be ok.

And, here's the finished product. I think it is getting off to a good start; we are getting more rain as I type this entry.


  1. Looks like you've got a great backyard for growing things! Thanks for visiting My Corner of Katy!

  2. How is your 3n1 Peach tree doing? I'm thinking of planting one.
    Dawn (Houston Heights)

  3. Dawn,
    It's been doing really well. I moved out of the house in November of 2012. I thought it might produce last year, but it dropped all of its fruit. Maybe this year the new homeowners will have peaches.