Friday, March 30, 2012

Have a Look Around

The great thing about daylight savings time is how late it stays light outside. After work today I puttered around the gardens, finishing up cutting the dead stuff back and doing some light weeding. This year there was not nearly as much to cut back. At least not because it was dead. This year I was cutting a lot of plants back because they were getting leggy or were just too big. That’s what happens when they get to grow year-round. No hard freezes for us this past winter!

Tonight, I took a moment to stop and take in the scenery. I am thrilled that my garden is looking so good and I have not had to expend much energy to make it that way (at least this spring). Every year for the past 8 years, I (and members of my family) have put in a lot of hard labor building new beds and trucking in massive amounts of dirt. So far this year, its just been weeding and fertilizing, nothing back-breaking. I do still need to mulch all the beds…maybe next weekend.


About a third of the grass you see in the above picture is new sod. This is the only lawn area that didn’t get watered last summer, the other grass survived because it was close enough to trees or flowerbeds that were getting watered. In the distance are my two new rain cisterns that I need to get in place before the rain stops.


Here’s a view of the veggie gardens, fruit orchard, and new rose garden.


Behind the oak tree is the rain garden and the part of the yard that stays the wettest when we get a lot of rain. That’s where the Louisiana Iris were blooming a few weeks ago.



Everything is so green right now. We have been getting lots of rain, let’s just hope it continues for a while. Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!


  1. I am just green with envy! Your garden looks soooo good!

    1. Thanks Dorothy! I think it is because of all the rain we've been getting!

  2. Loved seeing your garden. So pretty. It's just thrilling to get rain now! And I love the extra hour of daylight, too. Us gardeners need it!

    1. Thanks HolleyGarden! Yes, it will be awhile before I start complaining about all the rain.

  3. I'm having garden envy! So nice!!

    Your newest follower, and fellow Houstonian!
    Two in the Nest

    1. Hi Margaret, thanks for stopping by. Love the Meyer Lemon Curd idea, putting that on my to do list during lemon season this year.

  4. Wow! Things look just beautiful. You must be so happy. We are happy to have gotten rain, too!