Monday, November 21, 2011

November Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

I love Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Lately, life has been so hectic, bloom day is the only excuse I have to spend some time roaming around my garden to see what it’s up to. Despite the fact that my bloom day post is late, my pictures are from the actual bloom day Winking smile.

Finally, the first blooms of pink firespike. This was a new one this year, I’m glad to see the pink blooms as we head into fall. (Yes, I said fall. It is Texas after all)


OK, these aren’t blooms, but I think they are interesting. These are the fruit of a white turn’s cap.


Here’s one I have been wanting to post on a bloom day for quite awhile and this month it actually cooperated. It is iochroma cyanea.



Two of my new rose bushes are blooming. Hopefully they will stay happy in their new home.
Le Vesuve
White Heritage

And finally….the pink brugmansia that I received as a cutting is blooming. (thanks Elida). It had a tough time making it through last winter, but it has been persistent. Hopefully, it will make it through another weird weather year in Houston.

Thanks for checking out my November blooms. For more bloom day posts go to May Dreams Gardens.

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  1. Hello there. I am now retired and want to get my yard up to speed with lots of plants and color. My yard is mostly shady. Just had me a garden shed/greenhouse build and want to know when and what to plant or to start from seed. As you can tell, I am no experienced in this garden stuff at all. I know that time and years will help with alot of trial and error. Just need a starting place to jump off. Help...