Friday, July 22, 2011

July Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Sorry, folks, I can’t believe I’ve been such a slacker, but sometimes the rest of life just gets in the way of the blog life. I was in San Diego last week for a conference, over the weekend I visited the San Diego Botanic Gardens and the Meditation Gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship, both in Encinitas. Now, I am in Seattle at the 2011 Garden Bloggers Fling taking tons of pictures and enjoying the cool weather.

So, this is what was blooming in my garden on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

chenille plant
pride of barbados
'Heaven's Gate' coreopsis
My cutting garden experiment-still alive in this heat.

hamelia patens, Mexican Firebush

black-eyed susan
 Other flowers blooming include: heliotrope, calibrachoa, plumeria, hot lips salvia, blackfoot daisy, Convolvulus ‘Blue Daze’, pavonia peruviana and pavonia lasiopetala, batface cuphea, white turks cap, iochroma, gregg’s mist flower, and calliandra.

Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!


  1. Hi Garden Girl,
    it looks like your flowers are taking the heat really good. You have beautiful flowers.
    I can't believe how nice your Black-eyed Susan look. I never could grow them in my garden.
    Brought some down from KS a couple year from my parents garden and planted them but they never made it. :(

  2. Hey Paula Jo,
    Thanks for the complements. The black-eyed susan is in a neglected part of the garden, I guess it likes that. Where in KS do your parents live? My family is in SE Kansas.