Monday, September 13, 2010

Macro Monday

This is a shot I took one night of my night blooming cereus. I was holding a flashlight in my hand and trying to get a good angle, I'm sure I looked ridiculous. The bloom wasn't fully opened that night, but I forgot to go out the next night to take a look at it, then it was gone.

Thanks to Lisa's Chaos for hosting Macro Monday!


  1. what a special flower
    never seen it

  2. Wow! Very interesting shot - almost more so than the fully opened blossom.

  3. The things we do for a great shot! I'll even take my shirt off to hold behind subjects for a better backdrop... which also looks pretty odd. I love your photo and the fact that its not fully open makes it more alluring!

  4. Beautiful shot! Ha! I've totally done the same thing...trying to get the perfect shot and looking silly! Oh well, it was worth it, huh!