Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello World

Well, here it goes, my first blog post. I do my best to keep track of all the gardening events in Houston. I'm always learning new things about gardening in this town and I've been thinking about how I can share the information I gather. So, the HouGardenGrl blog and tweet is born.

So, a little bit about myself. I am an obsessive gardener and I love to shop. This is a dangerous combination. I buy plants all the time. I also start plants from cuttings and attend plant swaps when I can. I have a pretty large backyard, considering I live in the city. I grow perennial and annual flowers as well as vegetables and herbs. I am mostly an organic gardener, the exception is some very minor fertilizing of a few potted plants. I garden in dry shade, wet shade, full sun, and everything in between. I share my backyard with two golden retrievers who mostly stay out of the beds and my husband whose time is spent in the backyard reading or surfing the internet.

Stay tuned for more posts about gardening in Houston.

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